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When I am not appraising jewelry, I enjoy designing and making custom jewelry that is unique but timeless in design.  

Graduate Gemologist
I received this after showing extensive knowledge of diamonds and procedures to identify and grades hundreds of gemstones.

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Jewelry appraisal, repair and design in Greater Cincinnati Tri State Area.

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Jewelry Appraisals

About Me

As a Graduate Gemologist and a Certified Master Appraiser of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, my appraisals are fair and accurate!

Jewelry Repairs

As a Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America and a Certified Master Appraiser from the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers. You can trust that I have the gemological experience to identify and grade your diamond and gemstones.  And with the CMA experience will attach a value that will be accurate to replace your jewelry.  With almost 32 years in the jewelry business 29 of them have been spent appraising gemstones and jewelry.  Along with repairing and making jewelry I have the knowledge to evaluate your jewelry as well.  I appraise about 200 pieces a month ranging from individual pieces to whole estates. The main part of my appraising business is Retail Replacement Appraisal for insurance, but I also do Estate Appraising as well.  

Another major part of my daily work is repairing jewelry of all types and ages. From repairing heirloom jewelry from centuries long past to new engagement jewelry, I can fix it all!

Mark Gamel

National Association of jewElry appraisers
I received this upon completion of coursework, a written test, and two appraisals for a board to review.
  • Insurance Replacement 
  • Estate Appraisals
  • Divorce Appraisals
  • Expect Witness
  • Gem Identification



  • I can repair most jewelry of any material or age.